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Titanium Ti 01 | DLYTE MIX MSA PLUS-S for DLyte Desktop

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Dry electrolyte, designed for use with DLyte Desktop PRO in the dental, industrial, and healthcare sectors. This electrolyte is formulated to treat materials that fall within the Titanium-Based Alloys Group, using HF and HF+ parameters.

Each container of this electrolyte contains 3.5 litres of MIX BIG 01/ SMALL 02 particles, making it ideal for surface finishing both Titanium and Nitinol materials. In addition to its standard formulation, this electrolyte contains a higher concentration of additives, which help increase shine and improve roughness levels, particularly for high-demanding applications.

This electrolyte is comparable to DLyte 01-S and DLyte MIX S-S in terms of performance and behaviour. However, it sets itself apart by being less aggressive, extracting material more slowly, and offering greater control over material extraction and brightness. It is a mix of large particles (01) in 80% and small particles (02) in the remaining 20%, well-suited for surfaces with very high initial roughness. 

Electrolyte Features

Dry | Titanium | Nitinol | Medium Speed | High Roughness | Medium Roughness | Low Roughness | Flat surfaces | Complex geometries | Small cavities & corners | High brightness


Dry electrolyte: Solid particles
Dry suspension electrolyte: Heterogeneous mixture of solid particles and liquid
Particle BIG 01: From 0,4 mm to 1,2 mm
Particle SMALL 02: From 0,26 mm to 0,3 mm
Particle CRUSHED 03: Crushed particles
Particle SMALL GEL 04: From 0,26 mm to 0,3 mm
Particle BIG 01/ SMALL 02: Combination of particle BIG 01 and SMALL 02
Particle CRUSHED 03/ SMALL 02: Combination of particle CRUSHED 03 and SMALL 02