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CopraSupreme Symphony Zirconia HT, 98 mm | 18 mm, A2

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SKU R12XX98181
Height: 18 mm
Shade: A2

CopraSupreme Symphony

  • 9-layer (5 layers plus 4 transition layers) zirconia with highest translucency for anterior- or posterior restorations with up to 3 units.
  • In the production process, 5 layers of pre-coloured zirconia are layered on top of each other, building 4 transition layers in the process. The result is a highly natural colour transition for vivid, lively restorations.
  • Bending strength~ 600 MPa.
  • Isostatically pressed with a lifetime warranty.
  • isostatic pressed
  • lifetime warranty
  • high translucent zirconia for unsurpassed aesthetics (20% more light transmission)
  • 600 MPa bending strength allows anterior- and posterior teeth restorations with up to 3 pontics
  • more than 65% higher mechanical strength properties compared to lithium disilicate glass-ceramic