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CopraSupreme Hyperion Multilayer | Zirconia HT, 98 mm

Original price $164.00 - Original price $256.00
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$164.00 - $256.00
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SKU R11HH98141
Disc Diameter: 98 mm
Disc Height: 14 mm
Shade: A1

Whitepeaks CopraSupreme Hyperion Multilayer, Zirconia HT, 98 mm 

  • 9-layer, high translucent zirconia. In the production process, 5 different layers of pre-coloured Tosoh zirconia powders of different bending strength (~ 600-1100 MPa) are layered on top of each other, building 4 transition layers in the process.
  • The result is an extremely natural colour transition with a highly translucent incisal (600 MPa) and natural opaque dentin (1100 MPa) for unsurpassed vivid, aesthetic restorations with up to 14 units.
  • The new dimension in fully anatomical restorations.
  • Isostatically pressed with a lifetime warranty.