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VITA ENAMIC® for FAST DESIGN | TS150, High Translucency (HT), 5-Pack

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Shade: 0M1-HT

Experience increased profitability and save time with ENAMIC's simplified workflow that offers up to 50% faster chair-time and proven clinical performance. ENAMIC is the only solution that delivers the perfect blend of properties, such as elasticity and rigidity, that closely mimic the characteristics of a natural tooth.

Simplify processing with no furnace required! Just mill, polish and place with a precision fit.

VITABLOC ENAMIC is a unique hybrid ceramic with a dual ceramic-polymer network structure.

  • Fabricating durable restorations using a high-load capacity hybrid ceramic with absorption of masticatory forces
  • Non-/minimally invasive restorations are possible since the elastic hybrid ceramic enables reduced wall thicknesses.
  • Fabricating accurate, precise and delicate restorations using a hybrid material with integrated elasticity
  • Cost-effective reconstruction thanks to time-saving CAM fabrication and efficient polishing without any firing process
Recommended Indications*
  • Reconstructions with reduced wall thicknesses that preserve natural tooth structure
  • Posterior crowns that offer high load capacity in cases with limited space availability
  • Precise repair of small defects (e.g., indirect cervical fillings/delicate inlays)
  • Non-/minimally-invasive reconstruction of occlusal surfaces (tabletop)
  • Monolithic veneering structures for digital hybrid bridges

*These are recommended indications; the entire range of single tooth restorations can generally be fabricated. For details, don't hesitate to contact our dental experts.

Block Size
    • I-14, High Translucency
System Compatibility
  • CORiTEC Serie by imes-icore®
  • Röders RXD Serie by Röders GmbH
  • DGSHAPE DWX Serie by DGSHAPE Corporation
  • CS 3000/CS3100 by Carestream Dental, Inc.
  • Zfx Inhouse5x by Zfx Germany
  • Milling UNIT M Serie by Zirkonzahn S.r.l.
  • N4/R5/S1/S2/Z4 by vhf camfacture AG
  • Organical Desktop Serie by R+K CAD/CAM Technologie GmbH