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Explore Functional | Zirconia Multi-Layer Discs

Original price $103.00 - Original price $189.00
Original price
$103.00 - $189.00
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SKU GT(F)-M-A1-98-14
Disc Size: 98 mm
Disc Height: 14 mm
Shade: A1

UPCERA EXPLORE Zirconia Blanks for Dental Aesthetic Restorations

Innovative and revolutionary zirconia has the sweet spot between strength and translucency for natural-looking dental restoration.

UPCERA Explore Functional is a 5-layer dental multilayer zirconium oxide (3Y-TZP-4Y-PSZ) with gradient translucency, colour and high translucency—simple operation for dental technician, glazing.

Image shows diagram of UPCERA Explore Multilayer zirconia blanks properties


Please be aware that various factors, such as the path of insertion, accuracy of the impression or digital scan file, CAD/CAM design, milling, staining, and the try-in skills, will impact the final results. Please follow Upcera standard sintering programs to get the ideal outcomes. Contact a dental expert at for further assistance if needed. 

  • Precise pre-shading technology, efficient process
  • Homogenous layer distribution of colour, strength and translucency
  • All-purpose zirconia, delivering the great flexibility
  • Natural colour gradient
  • 16 Vita shades + 4 bleach shades
  • Health Canada Approved
  • A1, A2, A3, A3.5, A4, B1, B2, B3, B4, C1, C2, C3, C4, D2, D3, D4, BL1, BL2, BL3, BL4
Mechanical & Physical Properties
  • Translucency:
    • 43%~46.6%
  • Strength
    • 1027 MPa~1300 MPa
  • Density after sintering
    • 6.0g/cm3
  • CTE (25-500°C)
    • (10.5±1.0)xl0-6K-1
  • Accelerated aging surface monoclinic phase content: <5%
  • Chemical solubility after sintering
    • <100µg/cm2
  • Radioactivity: <0.lBq/g 
  • Sintering temperature: 1480°C 
  • Veneer Inlay/Onlay
  • Reduce Crown
  • Monolithic Crown Anterior
  • Monolithic Crown Posterior
  • Monolithic Bridge (up to 3 units)
  • Reduced Bridge (up to 3 units)
  • Hybrid Abutment Crown
System Compatibility
  • Any dental milling machine that can accommodate 98 mm pucks.