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MakerBot Tough Filament

MakerBot Tough PLA 3D printing filament is engineered to produce strong and durable prototypes and fixtures.

When you have a project that requires a 3D printed part that can withstand the stress, look to MakerBot Tough. With 2x the impact strength of ABS this 3D printing filament offers improved durability and toughness for functional prototyping and manufacturing aid applications. With additional durability, you can also tap threads, post-process with CNC or drill presses, bolt your parts to additional components and sand and paint for a superior finish. Try expanding the capabilities of your MakerBot Desktop 3D Printer with out Tough filament. 

Performance Properties

 Category Imperial Metric
Flexural Strength 9,190 psi 63.3 MPa
Flexural Modulus 343,000 psi 2,364 MPa
Tensile Strength 5,710 psi 39.3 MPa
Tensile Modulus 395,000 psi 2723 MPa
Elongation (%) 2.09 % 2.09 %
Notched IZOD Hinged (impact) 7.2 ft-lb/in 384 J/m
Unnotched IZOD Hinged (impact) 47.7 ft-lb/in 2550 J/m

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