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3D Printed Face Mask Fitter

Proto3000 Online Store


  • $110.00

Our 3D printed face mask fitter is a personalized 3D printed plastic frame that is contoured to the specific shape of your face to improve the seal of a surgical or similar face mask.

Package Contents

  • 3x Mask Fitter 
  • 3x Mask Adjuster

Product Overview

  • Improve the fit and efficacy of face masks with this custom tool designed specifically for the user's unique facial features 
  • 3D printed with durable material 


For full step-by-step instructions please refer to our guide

  • Pre-purchase your custom mask fitter kit with 3 mask fitters and 3 mask adjusters (ear savers)
  • You will be provided with an order code for use later
  • Download the Free Bellus3D FaceApp for IOS on the Apple App Store
  • Follow the step by step instructions on how to create a proper scan of your face
  • The App will automatically create a 3D printable file
  • You will be prompted to submit to a "3D Printing Partner" where you can import your item code and the file will be sent directly to us
  • If you have any questions about the process our engineering team will be happy to assist. You can contact us at 

    Disclaimer: While our fitter seems to improve the seal of a face mask, it has not been tested for effectiveness in preventing COVID-19, and you should use it at your own risk.

    Manufactured by: Proto3000 Inc.
    Designed by: Bellus3D via their 3D Face Scanning App

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