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Dental Milling Tools for imes-icore Dental Mills

Our dental milling tools are designed to work with imes-icore dental mills. They have been extensively tested to ensure high performance and quality results. All cutters and grinders are available in 3mm and 6mm shank design and have been designed so that the interface characteristics of the cutter and the cutting speed of the machine are precisely matched.

We have wide range of dental milling tools specific for materials or applications

  • Dental milling Tools for CORiTEC Cobalt-chromium and Titan
  • Dental milling Tools for CORiTEC PMMA/Nano-Composites and Wax
  • Dental milling Tools for CORiTEC glass ceramics
  • Dental milling Tools for CORiITEC Zirconia and Aluminia Zr/Al - diamond
  • Dental milling Tools for universal use

Compatibility Guide

3 mm shaft for: 

CORiTEC oneCORiTEC 140iCORiTEC 245i, CORiTEC 245i dryCORiTEC 250i, CORiTEC 250i dry

6 mm shaft for

CORiTEC 350i, CORiTEC 350i LoaderCORiTEC 650i, CORiTEC 650i Loader