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Desktop800 w/Scrubber


  • $2,099.00

3D Printer Ventilation, Filtration and Enclosure Unit

With the Desktop800 3D printing ventilation and fire suppression system you are protected from the contaminants that may be released into the air during the 3D printing process. This recirculating filtration solution repeatedly scrubs the contaminated air, until the concentration of ultra-fine particle (UFP), and total volatile organic compound (TVOC) emissions has been reduced, and the enclosure is safe to open. In addition this system regulates 3D printing temperature, securely locks, and ensures significant noise reduction. 

Scrubber + Desktop800

This package includes the Scrubber and the Desktop800 enclosure. 



  • User selectable, printer thermal protection, with automatic power disruption 
  • 40mm Black Anodized Aluminum Frame 
  • Five Black Anodized Aluminum Door Frames with 3mm Acrylic Window
  • Locking Door Handles with Master Key
  • Positioning Torque Hinges
  • Heat Dissipating Frame
  • Stackable
  • Reduces 3D Printer noise
  • Brush cable seal for 3D Printer power, USB, and other cables
  • 12V 0.8A - 9.5W
  • Height 960mm, Width 880mm, Depth: 880mm
  • Maximum printer size: Height 800mm, Width 800mm, Depth: 800mm​​


  • Stackable Kit
  • Casters
  • Spool Holder


  • Assembly required 


  • Delivered in 4 boxes
  • Weight: 53kg


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