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CoCr 01 | DLYTE 01-S for DLyte 10 (S10)

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GPAINNOVA's Dry Electrolyte is specifically designed for the DLyte 10 machine and dental industry. It is specially formulated to treat materials in the CoCr group with LF, HF, and HF+ parameters.

Each container includes 9 litres of BIG 01 particles, perfect for surface finishing Cobalt Chrome. This electrolyte is ideal for parts with high roughness, such as those manufactured by casting or additive manufacturing. Its grid structure and acid content provide an excellent material removal rate, making it perfect for quick deburring or roughness extraction processes. GPAINNOVA's Dry Electrolyte suits various surface finishing applications, including flat surfaces, complex geometries, and standard brightness. It is a dry electrolyte, therefore, easy to use and store.

Get ready to experience faster and more efficient results with Dry Electrolyte. Try it now and see the difference it can make in your surface finishing processes!

Electrolyte Features

Dry | Cobalt Chrome | Fast Speed | High Roughness | Flat surfaces | Complex geometries | Standard brightness

  • Dry electrolyte: Solid particles
  • Dry suspension electrolyte: Heterogeneous mixture of solid particles and liquid
  • Particle BIG 01: From 0,4 mm to 1,2 mm
  • Particle SMALL 02: From 0,26 mm to 0,3 mm
  • Particle CRUSHED 03: Crushed particles
  • Particle SMALL GEL 04: From 0,26 mm to 0,3 mm
  • Particle BIG 01/ SMALL 02: Combination of particle BIG 01 and SMALL 02
  • Particle CRUSHED 03/ SMALL 02: Combination of particle CRUSHED 03 and SMALL 02