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CORiTEC Zr (Zirconium Dioxide) Dental Milling Disc

CORiTEC Zr (Zirconium Dioxide) Dental Milling Disc


525007 9810

  • $105.00

imes-icore high quality CORiTEC Zr (Zirconium Dioxide) dental milling material is developed and tested to achieve the most economical results for your lab, and the highest quality for your patients. It covers a range of applications including all indications for dental restorations of up to 16 units.


  • All-ceramic framework material, which will meet highest esthetic demands
  • Large range of applications
  • Excellent mechanical properties and unmatched strength values
  • Readily machinable
  • Perfect fit of all restorations, including long-span bridges
  • Full biocompatibility
  • Non-ageing


DxH[mm]/colors Item no.
98x10 525007 9810
98x12 525007 9812
98x14 525007 9814
98x16 525007 9816
98x18 525007 9818
98x20 525007 9820
98x25 525007 9825

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