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Origin Beyond+ Multi Layer Zirconia

B & D Technologies


  • $140.00

Ideal for Both Anterior & Posterior

Beyond Multi ™ - layered discs have more intense chroma in the cervical and decreasing chroma towards the incisal area, offering the most efficient production speed combined with the natural look found in the shade tab. Each disc will give you the exact shade after simply milling and sintering. In addition, the incisal blue-gray effect has been incorporated on the top 1/3 area of the disc to reduce the white L* value and present the natural tooth blueish grayish translucency. 

Pre-shaded Multilayer with Smart Incisal - Anterior Translucency (48%), Maximum Strenght (>1200 Mpa*)

Product Features:

  • All pucks are 98mm in diameter 
  • Available in all 16 classic VITA shades and bleach shade
  • Compatible with most popular open dental milling machines 
  • Higher translucency in the incisal area and higher chroma in the cervical area
  • Decreasing chroma towards the incisal area
  • Efficient production speed
  • A natural gradation comparable to the shade tab
  • Patented Smart Incisal TM technology incorporated in the top 1/3 area of the disc.
    • Mimics natural and subtle blueish gray translucency
    • Increased incisal effect

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